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As we all know, the host of a party is the person the guests see least, with that thought in mind, Backyard Grillin' Company was born.


Both self-taught Andrea and Greg, owners, decided to team up to offer a service they felt was unique and unexplored. This is a company that specializes in on-site grilling and catering. For your event, we attend to all your food needs so you, the host, can sit back, relax and enjoy your guests.

We do the Grillin’ – you do the Chillin’


Andrea and Greg, individually, had always entertained large groups of friends and family.  They met at a neighborhood cookout soon after Greg  had moved to the area.  After becoming acquainted, Andrea and Greg with their enthusiasm for entertaining found that their culinary styles complemented each other. Although Greg wears many hats in the kitchen, grilling is his forte and true passion, while Andrea loves to experiment with different side dishes and appetizers. A culinary match!

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